Corporate Social Responsibility

Commitment to society



· Ongoing training and retraining.
· Opportunities for internal promotion for everyone.



· Periodic market studies to measure and improve the level of satisfaction with our product and service.
· Training sessions with one of the company's expert cooks (nutritional characteristics of the product, conservation and cooking techniques).



Training in Biosafety, Food Safety and Animal Well-being provided by our veterinary technicians to all poultry farmers who work with Oblanca.



Collaboration with the University of Leon, the Regional Government of Castile and Leon, provincial institutes and academies training young people through scholarships and internships.



To offer the end consumer the highest quality, healthy and tasty products is our main commitment, which we meet thanks to:

· The responsible feeding and good breeding practices we provide for our animals.
· Our advanced logistics, guaranteeing that the product arrives at the point of sale with optimum conservation and quality.


Socially responsible Oblanca


Carlos Hernandez, Director of Operations at Oblanca and pilot of the Panda Raid, with families in Morocco.


· Collaboration with CARITAS and the RED CROSS, carrying out practical courses and awareness campaigns to promote recruitment among the most vulnerable sectors of our province.

· Sponsorship of events with altruistic vocation and charitable purposes, like the "Panda Raid" in Morocco, whose challenges vary from bringing school material to children in need to collaborating in the construction of a bioclimatic school for children.

Commitment to the rural environment

Oblanca Group's mission as an agri-food company is to contribute value to our field and to our livestock.

Consequently, every day we make a significant contribution to the development of the rural environment:

Making integrated crop-livestock operations sustainable
Creating employment in the rural areas
Generating wealth in the through region the use of local natural resources

Commitment to the environment

At Oblanca our maxim is the efficient and sustainable management of natural resources in every one of the links in our value chain.

Through investments in energy cogeneration, recycling our packaging or the creation of a WWTP, we seek self-sufficiency in energy efficiency and the reduction of the environmental footprint.

Besides having the incubator with a heat recovery system for a better thermal utilization of the plant, we have biomass boilers in the incubator and on the farms to minimize pollutant emissions.

We are constantly looking for technological innovation in our production processes to reduce our water footprint and have our own treatment plant. In this way, the water used in our processes is high quality, with the objective of maintaining the safety of our products.

We also perform an important daily duty of recycling packaging, strictly adhering to Law 11/97 on packaging and packaging waste through close collaboration with ECOEMBES.


Energy improvement

Within the scope of energy improvement programs in the productive industrial sector, financed by the Government of Castilla y León, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the following actions have been developed in GRUPO OBLANCA:

New high efficiency pumps for the supply of oxygen in the treatment plant.
File 106-SUBAESI-2017 (Hermanos Oblanca)
New high efficiency interior air conditioning system for the production of chickens.
File 78-SUBAESI-2016 (Comercial Oblanca)