Letter from the CEO

Letter from the CEO

It is with great enthusiasm that I address these words to those who trust Oblanca Group every day; customers, consumers, institutions, partners, suppliers, and, of course, our employees. You are the engine that makes it possible for our business to grow, offering you professionalism and honesty in everything we do.

At Oblanca Group we have been developing a business for 50 years that began with the ability to work and desire for excellence of a family in the country (ours), who decided to venture into the poultry industry, an industry that was still in the early stages in Spain at that time.

In relation to that poultry business, at present we have numerous farms distributed in rural areas of our near geography, which enables familiar establishment in this area. We seek to continuously respond to new consumer behavior, bringing added value throughout our value chain.

Today we are a multi-disciplinary food group, not only a national model in the poultry industry, but also developing a significant distribution activity by providing all types of foods to clients in several industries.

This is our mission in the market, only possible thanks to a team of motivated people who are strongly committed to the company's values and to what consumers expect from us. Because for Oblanca Group, quality means “to comply with what we have pledged to each customer, each day”.


Our future development will come hand in hand with technological innovation with regard to processes and products.

The company's growth will be the result of our entrepreneurial spirit, looking for diversification to incorporate new brands and business areas as we expand into other territories.

The key to meeting our challenges is the attraction and retention of talent, affording people the opportunity to train and be promoted within the company.

For this reason, I can say proudly that today Oblanca Group is an attractive and challenging company to work for, where professionalism, camaraderie and passion for a job well done are paramount.

All these values are now transmitted more clearly through our new corporate identity which is reflected in this web page and other completely renovated elements of the company.

Our new logo is accompanied by the claim "the taste of your wellness", which communicates our goal as a food company: That the final consumer can feel good and make the most of his/her life.

Thus we are initiating a new stage in the Marketing and Communication Strategy of Oblanca Group, with a view to providing content of interest to our customers and partners, and to raise awareness of our projects, as well as the here and now of the food sector.

I am sure that our ongoing strategy and endeavor will strengthen confidence in Oblanca for those who are concerned about their own nutrition and well-being as well as that of their families and their customers. Because Oblanca is the food brand with an ongoing commitment to the development of products of the highest quality that are healthy, tasty and easy to prepare. Because with Oblanca, taste and well-being go hand in hand.

Thank you for making it possible that today, in Oblanca Group, we may continue our journey full of exciting and challenging projects which allow us to improve and offer new solutions in a competitive and always changing market.

Javier A. Oblanca
Chief Executive Officer
Grupo Oblanca