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Since 1958 - More than 50 years of history
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110M € Annual invoicing
+8.500 Customers
1.200 Product references
+500 Employees



Fish, mollusks, shellfish

Meat and Poultry

Poultry, pork, beef, lamb, rabbit, ready-made...


Vegetable stews, soups and purees, vegetables, mushrooms...


Lasagna, ready-to-eat, prepared fish and meat dishes...


Cakes, individual desserts, ice creams...

Bread and baked goods

Breads, baked goods...


Chicken, quail, turkey, hen, poussin

Processed chicken

Delicacies, cut-up, legs...

Processed pork

Sausages, hamburguers

Processed beef

Cured beef, tripe, tongue...

Other processed foods

Vegetables, meat, seefood


Fresh cheeses, cured, creamy, blue...


Fresh, free-range, Omega3, quail, liquid egg...


Frying oil, olive oil...

Canned goods

Jams, sauces, canned fish, foie...


Tomato, chimichurri, mayonnaise...

Our brands

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Fresh chicken in its different cuts, packages, calibrations and presentations, according to the demands of each client: whole or dressed, in bulk or on trays, in a controlled atmosphere or vacuum packed, fixed or variable weight; as well as processed products.

Alt Alt

Comprehensive solution in frozen food products (meat, fish, shellfish, pastries, bakery items, etc.), oriented mainly toward the HORECA channel and Social Catering.

Alt Alt

Complete catalog of delicatessen products and processed pork and beef products.