Oblanca's competitive advantages

· Client on-demand customization:
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· Freshness: Everything we serve is “chicken of the day”.
· Immediate delivery: The fresh product gets to the customer within 24 hours on average.
· Innovation: Innovative processes that guarantee quality and food safety.

Comprehensive control of the value chain

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Animal feed


Our own nutritionists design our animal's feed formulation, ensuring a healthy, balanced diet with quality raw materials, and the necessary addition of vitamins and minerals for the optimal development of breeding hens and chickens.


Breeding hens


To obtain healthy chickens, we have made a significant investment in breeding hen farms, from the breeding phase to the laying cycle, to produce clean eggs for incubation with no cracks and maintained at the optimal temperature and humidity.




The fertile eggs are taken under optimal conditions to the hatchery, where over 40 million eggs are incubated each year. We perform all the necessary checks to obtain day-old chicks of the highest quality health which are transferred to the breeding farms in air-conditioned trucks with fully secured environmental and hygienic controls.


Breeding farms


The breeding farms, our own as well as the integrated ones, are fully modernized with environmental control and a comfortable bed that favor the good development of our chickens. The chick's nutrition, the care it receives at the farm, appropriate population density management and repeated sanitary controls, ensure the attainment of a live, healthy, well formed and disease free chicken.


Poultry processing


Our chain of production, in which we process 18 million chickens a year, is fully automated and, together with permanent hygiene controls, ensures animal well-being and the quality of the raw material. Advanced technology equipment allows the custom preparation of each order and a perfect piece by piece calibration, thanks to more than 20 calibration checkpoints by weight.


In the fully air conditioned quartering room, that 7 million chickens pass though each year, all kinds of cuts are performed and calibrated to fixed or variable weight.


Packaging and labelling


Our packaging process, which produces 5 million trays per year, has the latest generation technology which allows any type of packaging or presentation that our clients require, including fixed weight per tray, to make it easy to offer round retail prices.




One great competitive advantage of Oblanca chicken is product freshness and immediacy in the delivery: Fresh product orders are delivered within 24 hours on average, to always be “chicken of the day”, meaning chickens that are processed and shipped the same day.




Our commitment is to ensure food safety: Quality, healthy, nutritious products properly labeled with all the information the consumer needs to know (ingredients, nutritional content, allergens, etc.).

Food safety

Food Safety is the availability of safe, nutritionally adequate food for an active and healthy life.

For those who are concerned about their nutrition and well-being, Oblanca is the food brand with a constant commitment to the development of the highest quality healthy, nutritious products.