We work daily on:
01. Product Innovation, launching an average of 100 new products a year.
02. Improvement of hygiene in our work centers.
03. Good manufacturing practices and food handling by our workers.
04. Improvements in the productivity of the company's departments.
05. Studies on allergens, labeling trials, shelf life studies and durability of our products.

Food safety and quality

Oblanca works with independent accredited agri-food laboratories, which gives our analytical tests the reliability the food sector requires.

From the time it leaves our farms until the product is at the point of sale, we perform more than 3,500 annual laboratory tests (nutritional analysis, surfaces, handlers, microbiological and shelf life), to meet the expectations of our customers in terms of food safety.


The 3 axes of R+D+i

Innovation and product development

Market launch of an average of 100 new products a year.

Development of industrial processes

Some examples:

· Automated packaging at a fixed weight.

· Automation of carcass grading by photographic image.

Development of productive field processes

Some examples:

· Implementation of a new hatchery, with single load incubators and automation in the handling of eggs and chicks, making it one of the most modern and automated in Europe.

· Computer monitoring of the birds’ growth process.