Ingredients for 4 people

2 Cuttlefish

Leek, garlic, parsley

Olive oil, salt and white pepper

Fine oloroso wine, tomato and fish broth


1. Clean the cuttlefish and chop it into pieces as we like, larger or smaller depending on whether we are going to use it to take it alone or if we are going to accompany it with a pasta, rice, etc.

2. In a casserole we put oil, add the small chopped leek, garlic and parsley, let sauté well with care that we do not burn and add the fried or grated natural tomato as we like.

3. We continue sautéing and water everything with the fine wine, let everything cook together a little and when it seems to us add the cuttlefish already chopped.

4. We continue sautéing around and add the fish broth or water, season to taste and let cook over low heat until we see that the cuttlefish is done.

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Nutrition & well-being


Nutritional Properties and Health Benefits​

Cuttlefish stand out above all for their high content of proteins of high biological value, which means that they are rich in all essential amino acids.

It is a low-calorie fish. The high percentage of water and the content of unsaturated fats are the other two most outstanding nutritional elements of cuttlefish. Approximately every 100 grams of cuttlefish provides about 80 calories.

Cuttlefish stands out for being rich in an important variety of minerals such as calcium, potassium, zinc and phosphorus. On the one hand, calcium and phosphorus are two minerals with a high concentration in cuttlefish and, in the body, so that they contribute to the development of metabolic, muscular, neuronal, enzymatic and hormonal functions.

It also stands out for providing a significant amount of vitamin E and B.