Ingredients for 4 people

1,200 kg of monkfish

300 g mushrooms

Virgin olive oil

Fish soup



Garlic, parsley, salt and white pepper

Fried tomato

Crushed almond, Cayenne (optional) and cider


1.    Put oil in a casserole, add the chopped mushrooms, garlic and crushed parsley.

2.    Leave to fry and add the fried tomato, wait a few minutes and add the crushed almonds.

3.    Water with the cider, add salt and pepper and let it reduce. Then add the necessary fish stock and leave to cook.

4.    Remove the bone from the monkfish and make medallions, season with salt and pepper and coat in flour and egg. Then we fry each medallion in a pan.

5.    Put the fried monkfish in the sauce and leave it to cook for a few minutes.

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We offer you hake monkfish by Oblanca.


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Nutrition & well-being


Nutritional Properties and Health Benefits

  • It is a white fish with little fat content.
  • Meat rich in proteins of high biological value.
  • Among its vitamins, those of the B group stand out.
  • It is an important source of potassium, which is an essential mineral for the proper functioning of the central nervous and muscular systems, and iodine, a very important mineral especially for the regulation of the thyroid glands.
  • It also contains omega 3.
  • It prevents cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer's disease.
  • It helps and promotes the reduction of symptoms of hyperactivity and childhood allergies.
  • Hypertensive people should be particularly careful with its consumption, as its sodium content is somewhat high. Therefore, if it is consumed in salt form, it should always be desalinated correctly.