Sustainable Oblanca

Sustainable Oblanca

Oblanca Group has recently signed a contract that will cover the management of non-hazardous waste.

Oblanca Group will outsource the management of non-hazardous waste to achieve an integral solution to their treatment. The Group carries out an important job of recycling containers, strictly following Law 11/97 on Containers and Packaging Waste through a close collaboration with ECOEMBES, which from May onwards, which will allow it to join the new external treatment of recyclable waste generated in the plant located in Polígono de Onzonilla, mostly paper and cardboard, plastics and wood.

Through the treatment of waste R12 is intended to recycle these materials for the benefit of the environment and public health, contributing:

  • To the recovery and recycling of elements such as solvents, substances and other organic materials, metals and metal compounds and components used to reduce pollution;
  • To the regeneration of acids, bases, and oils;
  • And to the reuse of them as a new means to generate energy or as a soil treatment, producing a benefit to agriculture or an ecological improvement of them.

The agreement is based on the commitment of the Oblanca Group to the environment and the rural environment, aimed at maximizing the efficient and sustainable management of natural resources in each of the links of our value chain. This commitment was born several decades ago, through investments in energy cogeneration, the recycling of our packaging or the creation of an EDAR plant, seeking energy self-sufficiency and reducing the environmental footprint.

"Oblanca, developing our commitment to the Environment every day."