Restaurants constitute a 5.5% of the country's wealth

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The Spanish hotel industry continues to provide positive data to the national economy, standing at 7.2% of GDP compared to 7.1% the previous year.

Within the hotel complex, the food and beverage establishments, in relation to the total of the catering establishments, are the ones that have the most representation, with 89.7% of the total and an annual turnover in 2017 of 100,000 million euros, which translates into an increase of 3.4% compared to 2016.

The bars and restaurants represent the type of establishments more numerous within the sector of the catering, and the social restoration like residences, and companies of catering advance a 5.6% in 2017 with regard to the previous year.

As for the few data obtained as of 2018, we can conclude that the number of bars continues to decrease slightly and restaurants are growing.



The hotel and catering industry in Castilla y León has more than 19,000 establishments that employ 76,300 people, with a turnover of 4,374 million euros in 2017, which represents 5.4% of the regional wealth.

Regarding the sale prices to the public, similar to the national average, they have increased progressively in recent years, with an average increase in restoration of 1.4%.



The hotel and catering industry in Asturias has more than 8,400 establishments that employ some 30,000 workers, of which just over 83% belong to the catering branch, which represents 6.8% of the region's wealth .

The prices in the restoration activities smoothed the growth one tenth with regard to those of the previous year.



The catering sector in Galicia has some 21,000 establishments that employ 63,600 people, of which 91.5% correspond to catering, representing 5.4% of the regional wealth.

Regarding the prices in restoration, there has been an increase of 1.8%, recovering the decrease of the previous year.



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