Podium for chicken in Spanish homes

pollo oblanca

The chicken breast, with the salad and pizza make up the TOP 3 of the usual meals in Spanish homes according to the latest Report on Food Consumption in Spain, prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

During the year 2017, the total expenditure on food of the Spaniards increased again, going from 99,037 million euros to 102,584.7 million euros, and meat products being the ones that have the greatest representation in the ticket of the basket of the purchase.

The consumption habits of the population also change over time, such as the preparation of meals. Spanish still prefers grilled or cold products, reducing the consume of battered or prepared products in the microwave. In addition, there is an upward trend in the consumption of "healthier" products, increasing the composition of daily meals such as vegetables, potatoes and fruits.

Some of the 15 favorite dishes of the Spanish people are omelettes, meats such as loin or chicken, or starry eggs. Both chicken and egg are basic foods in the Mediterranean diet, providing protein, minerals, vitamins and few fats.

Chicken meat is the second most consumed meat worldwide, and chicken breast in particular, being one of the leanest areas, is composed of only 2% fat and provides high amounts of protein, 22 grams per 100.

Spending on food and beverages outside the home corresponds to one third of the total expenditure, good news for the hospitality sector.