Oblanca bets on sustainability and R & D

oblanca sostenible medio ambiente

Grupo Oblanca strengthens its commitment to the environment through the implementation of various initiatives related to the prevention of waste and R + D + i in the cleaning of its facilities.



Grupo Oblanca, in collaboration with the General Directorate for Quality and Environmental Sustainability of the Ministry of Development and Environment of the Regional Government of Castilla y León, participates in the development of a new initiative called Waste Prevention: Promotion and dissemination of actions carried out by the industrial sector of Castilla y León.

The objective of this project is to develop an inventory of actions carried out by the industrial sector of Castilla y León within the framework of waste prevention, in order to share experiences and the work carried out in this field since the private sector.

The General Directorate of Environmental Quality and Sustainability proposes three blocks of actions and good practices:

  1. Ecodesign to minimize the generation of waste (packaging or product).
  2. Better technologies that prevent the generation of waste.
  3. Good practices to avoid the generation of waste.

In this sense, the Quality Department together with the Maintenance Department of Grupo Oblanca, have launched two initiatives framed within the three aforementioned blocks:

  1. Reduction of plastic bags through paraffin containers for food use, decreasing in more than 9,500 bags sent to the consumer and achieving a 100% reduction in waste.
  2. Replacement of all fluorescent lights in the production plant with low consumption LEDs - more than 2,000 - to reduce energy consumption, increase their useful life and reduce the mercury vapor contained in fluorescents.




In its constant search for innovation in the efficient and sustainable management of natural resources, Grupo Oblanca maintains a close collaboration with private companies and public bodies for the continuous improvement of its processes.

As a food company, aware of the importance of hygiene in its production facilities, the Quality Department of Oblanca collaborates in a study developed by the School of Food Science and Technology of the University of León, which allows it to improve and search Greater efficiency in your cleaning and disinfection systems.

The objective of this project, funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness in 2016, is to improve the knowledge of antibiotic resistance mechanisms present in the food chain, and the transmission routes which antibiotic resistance is dispersed / generated. .