Ingredients for 4 people

8 eggs

2 avocados

Chives, lemon, Philadelphia cheese, mayonnaise and smoked salmon


1. Cook the eggs, cool well and separate the yolks

2. Mix the yolks with the avocado, chives, lemon juice, Philadelphia cheese and mayonnaise. We crush it all and reserve

3. Cut the smoked salmon into small pieces, reserve some strips to decorate and mix with all of the above.

4. Fill the whites with this mixture and put a thin strip of salmon to decorate.

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Nutritional Properties and Health Benefits

The egg is rich in vitamins and minerals, concentrating nutrients of high biological value, especially in the white.

• The egg contains important vitamins, especially vitamins A, E and vitamins of group B.

• Provides essential minerals such as iron, zinc, iodine and selenium, as well as folic acid and choline.

• Thanks to its richness in protein, the consumption of egg white is ideal for breakfast or after exercising.

• It is important to eat it during the growth stage, since it contributes to the development of muscles and the mineralization of bones.

• The consumption of eggs is essential in pregnant and lactating women, not only for its contribution of folic acid, but also for its high choline content, which benefits the development of the fetal nervous system and prevents problems at birth ( an egg provides 125 mg of choline, and the requirement of this nutrient in pregnant women is 440 mg / day, and in lactating women, it is 540 mg / day).